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BestBuy ArPro - Winner

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This project was developed by me and Michael DeMarco for UBC BizHacks 2020, a 24hr business-oriented hackathon sponsored by Best Buy and hosted at UBC. The business model and presentation was developed by Benji Li, Daniel Frydman, and Ophir Greif. Our goal was My team and I developed a business solution to increase sales for Best Buy, and took home the 2nd place prize competing against 300 other people.

The problem

It’s not easy to picture how furniture or appliances would look like in your home. I mean yes, you could view pictures of that flat-screen TV you want online, but you have to visit in-store to really get a feel for the TV. In addition, perhaps you’d like to picture how a refrigerator would fit in your kitchen, or how if that TV would fit on your wall.

The solution

We developed an AR (augmented reality) android application. In this app, you’re able to view your TV (or eventually, other consumer electronics), right from your own home.

My Role

  • I implemented the AR features in android studio and the 3d models.

Key features

  • Able to view varying TV products in Augmented Reality
  • Able to change the size of the TV in inches, with a real world scale
  • As a joke, able to place, additionally, a refrigerator, gaming desk equipped with a computer, and airpods.

Technologies used

  • I used android-studio as the IDE to develop the app
  • Google’s ARcore technology
  • Java/Gradle

Lessons learned

This was my first time working in an android app! It was fun working with Michael Demarco, another awesome developer with an amazing sense of humour. It was also fun working with the business strategists, Benji Li, Daniel Frydman, and Ophir Greif. Also fun spending the $250 Best Buy gift card each one of us won ;)

download the apk here

David Liu

An innovative 20 year old programmer, entrepreneur. Small kid looking to make it big in a huge world.