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Node.js Moba Game


Was kinda bored and I liked making games, so I decided to make this app.

How to play

Basically go to game.stuffbydavid.ca and enter a username. Get your friends to join. Change your team and abilities at game.stuffbydavid.ca/settings


  • Multiple players
  • 10 abilities
  • Multiple teams
  • Lotso fun

Lessons learned

I’ve learned that making games require a LOT of math. Making a 2d game requires knowledge of basic trigonometry, since I’m working in 2d cartesian plane. In addition, collision checking also requires its own mathematical formulas.

Areas of improvement

  • I can further compartmentalize and modularize the code, it’s a bit like spaghetti right now.

Important Design Choices I made

  • I’ve abstracted a projectile class that contains many important actions related to the abilities - this saved lots of time coding the current 10 abilities.

David Liu

An innovative 20 year old programmer, entrepreneur. Small kid looking to make it big in a huge world.